Sunday, September 29, 2013

April 5, 1958 Working Our Sox Off, Staying Up Late, Starting Off With a Bang, Happy Birthday and Happy Easter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Happy birthday, Mother.  Your package should be there when this letter gets there.  I hope both of you have a nice day.

Tomorrow is Easter.  It will be a big day around here.  Bobby is to be baptized at a 7:00 service in the morning.  We'll eat breakfast at church and have only a few minutes before Sunday School then.  It is my turn to keep the nursery during church so B will have to take the children alone.  Ann sings in the choir tomorrow.  I guess the children's choir will do most of the singing because the regular choir is mostly college students and they are still on vacation.

We have almost worked our sox off this week but we're going to move the kids upstairs sometime today.  B finished steel wooling the last time about midnight last night.  We have to sweep it up and he is fixing shelves in the closets now.  We have accomplished a lot this week.  There are still lots of things to do upstairs but we'll get them done in time, I guess.

The kids have been dyeing eggs.  They have enjoyed their vacation and they needed it as much as anybody.  The weather has been nice and warm.  They have played out a lot and we have let them watch T.V. later than usual.

Ann's Easter dress is pink cotton with a silver thread through it.  Belshes sent the material & it made such a pretty dress.  Bob has a new shirt & they both had to have shoes.  That is the extent of our new clothes.  I tried to find a blouse but wanted a pale green & didn't find it.

Next week will start up with a bang as usual.  The kids don't go back till Tuesday but there are a lot of extra things next week.  I have to help with Scouts on Tues. evening.

Our yard needs working over terribly.  I did a little work this week between jobs upstairs but it needs more.  A friend is giving me some iris when I can go get it.  Sometimes it is so hard to fit a little thing like that into a day.

I must stop & get busy.  Have a nice Easter & a happy birthday."



NOTE:  Getting to stay up a bit later to watch TV was a treat, and it meant I could watch 77 Sunset Strip.  I think I mainly liked the theme song, perfecting my finger clicking along with it and thinking I was grown up.  We still enjoyed the westerns like Cheyenne and Sugarfoot, the family programs like Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best, and the usual variety shows, Red Skelton, Garry Moore & Ed Sullivan.  In case you've never heard of 77 Sunset Strip, take a look.


  1. I remember all those TV shows Ann. Thinking back they were not as violent as similar TV shows are these days. I also liked the theme to Peter Gunn and Perry Mason.

  2. Oh gosh! I haven't thought of Peter Gunn for ages! That was a great theme song. Perry Mason is still on here but past my bedtime:-) Those shows are definitely tame compared to what's on now.


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