Monday, September 30, 2013

April 12, 1958 Having A Time, In Church All Day, A Little Party and Borrowing Slides

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Things are finally quiet.  Both Bob & Ann have friends staying all night with them so they have been having a time.

We're glad you liked the perfume.  Use it and don't try to save it because it will evaporate no matter how tight the lid seems.

Easter was a miserable day.  It was cold and rainy but that didn't stop people from dressing up and going to church.  We went at 7:00.  There was a short worship service & then the baptizing.  We ate breakfast at church and then came home for a few minutes before Sunday School.  I had to keep the nursery during church but the best went to church.  B said he felt like he'd been in church all day and it did seem long.

Toni & Watty came for a while in the afternoon.  They hadn't seen the upstairs since we moved into it.  They are still working on their place--finishing woodwork and such.

We went to a little party at Larsen's one night for her sister & husband.  Maybe I told you they were missionaries.  He is an Episcopalian priest--they have lived in the Philippines for years.

There has been something extra most every day this week.  I went to a meeting in Ann's room yesterday morning, to P.T.A. and then to Quill Club last night.  B had a dinner meeting last night too.  Some of the school people met with the Normal Town Council to talk about the school's needs & problems & future plans.

Sorensens are coming down tomorrow night for awhile.  We have all been so busy that they haven't been here in a long time.  He is going to Russia next summer & is really excited about it.  It will be a month's trip with other professors & Edna will not go.  She'll meet him later in Europe & they plan to stay in Italy for awhile.

Some people want to borrow some slides on Japan so I'd better go look them up."

                        Love to all,


NOTE:  The slide viewer was purchased in Japan and used for decades in selecting specific slides to use for various presentations.  Using it was a slow process, but it provided an excellent view (though small) of individual slides. 

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