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March 2, 1957 The Lonesome Day, The Scouts' Potluck, The Good Meat and The Straw Hats

The Index, ISNU Yearbook, 1957

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's sort of lonesome around here.  We went to some friends for dinner last night and Ann stayed all night.  They have a six year old girl too and I guess they are having a big time for Ann hasn't come home yet.  Even Bob is a little lonesome.  B is at school of course.

He leaves tomorrow afternoon for Chicago and will be gone until Wed. afternoon.  I've been trying to get his shirts done up along with the rest of the ironing.

We had a big potluck supper for the Scouts Tuesday night so I spent Mon. and Tuesday working on that which messed up my week.

The measles have calmed down and Bob still shows no signs of them.  It isn't important for him to have them though, so we won't care if he doesn't get them.  Although the Dr. says Ann had them I hope she gets exposed again sometime while she's little so we can be sure for these are the measles that cause deformities.

We had broiled steaks for supper one night this week and it was wonderful.  Our meat has lasted a long time, I think.  It is a little unhandy to go to Toni's now and I guess that is why it has lasted.  It is awfully good meat.

People are beginning to wear straw hats now--even with winter coats but it is really too cold to wear spring coats.  I had a letter from Eve Wheeler and she talked about golden bell and iris blooming in Alabama now.  It seemed almost impossible.  I have ordered some patent shoes and material for a dress but they haven't come.  The dress is not to be a best, but just something to wear to scout meetings and music lessons.

News is pretty scarce this morning so I'd better get to work.  Hope you both are fine."

                         Lots of love,


NOTE:  The ISNU keepsakes pictured were gifts to our parents.  I believe that the gavel was a centennial souvenir made from a decorative spindle used in the Old Main building.  The cup and saucer belonged to ISNU President, David Felmly, 1900-1930.  1957 was a big year for the University with lots of special events marking the 100th anniversary. 

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