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March 15 and March 23, 1957 A Letter and Snapshot to Grandmother, Fevers, Sore Throats, Penicillin, Polio Shots, Montgomery Wards and 3 Nice Solos

March 15, 1957

March 23, 1957

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids are watching T.V. and for once, there aren't any extra kids here.  Ann has a fever and sore throat so we're waiting for the doctor to come.  Lynn has been sick with a sore throat too, and a lot of children so I guess Ann picked it up at school.  This is the first time the doctor has had to come since we moved to this house so we're pretty lucky.  Ann is too sick to take her to his office so I guess it will be a shot of penicillin. 

B and I finally got our first polio shots.  It didn't take five minutes to get it done and we went during the noon hour so didn't have to wait.  It made my arm a little sore like any shot does but that was all.

Today is a lovely day and I'd like to work in the yard but won't get to with Ann sick.  I ordered 3 roses from Inter-State--the pink New Dawn Climber for the corner of the garage and then a Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora and Betty Prior Floribunda.  They are all pink but all ones that I've wanted so long.  I started raking leaves off the iris and mums yesterday but the mums are up so I put the leaves back on them because I'm afraid they can't take the cold yet.

I want a pink locust but I don't want Daddy to mail it.  That is too much trouble and there is a good chance we'll be home the week-end of April 13.  The children have Easter vacation then and B has a philosophy meeting in St. Louis from Sunday the 14th thru Wed. so we may all drive home on Fri. night or Sat. and then he'll go back to St. Louis on Sunday.  I could stay home till Wed. and meet him at Buddy's and we'll get home (Normal) Wed. afternoon.  I could get the locust then if Daddy wants to save me one and if he doesn't want to fool with it I won't care if he cuts them all down.  Our vacation may be in July and if we do come to see you in April we may not come home in July but stay here and work in the attic.

The same suit pattern, courtesy of www.etsy.com
I never did get my shoes but I've seen some that I like and am going to try them on when I can get downtown again.  I found some suit material and after I bought it and the other things I had to get I didn't have enough cash left to buy the shoes and I didn't have the check book with me.  The suit is gray tweed (rayon) and very nice.  I have it started but it is slow going.

Wards was very nice about changing the slip.  They had the same thing but not my size so I got another one.  They kept the one you sent but it's popular and they were out of sizes.  Their new store is absolutely beautiful.  We'll go down when you come to see us again.

The Dr. has come and Ann's throat is her trouble.  She got a shot and should be all right by Monday.

Bob played 3 solos at the recital Tuesday and played so nicely.  I was really pleased.

B has to go to town and I want him to mail this."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  I have a very vivid image of the new Montgomery Wards store in Bloomington, but not of its contents.  On 2 separate occasions we saw a man walk directly into one section of the large plate glass window, shattering it in all directions.

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