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March 10, 1957 The Quiet, The Office, The Package, The Shoes and The Rump Roast

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The kids hadn't seen B's new office so he took them over this morning and I'd better take advantage of the quiet while they are gone.

We went to the regular monthly church supper last night and had a good time.  One couple is leaving town so it was sort of a farewell party for them.

Bob was home sick last week and didn't go to school until Fri.  I don't know whether he had measles or not but he sure had a terrible cold--the kind that closes your head up and keeps it closed.  He was really miserable.  He missed his music lesson so will have a make-up lesson Monday.  There is a recital Tuesday night and with his regular lessons it will mean four music lessons this week.  It almost gets beyond me at times.

The package came Saturday and the things are sure nice.  I needed both of them.  The slip is too large but I'm going to take it downtown and see if they won't change it for me.  You shouldn't have sent both the slip and dress but I appreciate them both very much.  I want to look for a new pattern for the material when I can.

Did I tell you I ordered me some patent shoes?  They came and were lovely but they had such high, slim heels I was afraid I'd break them off so I'll have to send them back.  I picked out another pair but I don't know whether they'll do or not for they don't come in AA.

I'm sorry about Aunt Beatrice.  Maybe another doctor could help her.  Maybe Dr. Langston (Rosalynn's doctor in Springfield) could do something.

I finally wrote to Beulah.  I'm always ashamed that I wait so long but I've got a stack of unanswered letters and can't get to them.  I haven't written to Buddy since Xmas but I thought of him on his birthday even if I didn't write.  They don't even know about B's promotion unless you told them.

I cooked a rump roast last week and it tasted like steak.  It was wonderful but so big it would take you a month to eat yours.  I cooked it about 3 hrs. in a 325 oven and it was so juicy.

I sold another article this week.  They have one more and that will be all.

I hear the gang coming so bye for now."

                    Lots of love,


All images from Life, Jan. 21, 1957

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