Tuesday, August 20, 2013

June 8, 1957 Thrilled to Death, Covered with Blooms, Tea for Seniors and A Long Week

Those are the fixtures, the tiles and the color.
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's about bedtime but tomorrow will be another busy day.  Sears had sort of an open house tonight and we went down to look at bathroom fixtures.  We ended up buying an outfit to go upstairs.  The sale price was such a saving and they will store the things for us until we are ready for them.  They are green and are very nice.  The store gave away a washer at a drawing & Bob got to draw the name.  He was thrilled to death and more so when the store manager gave him a dollar for doing it.

We'd like awfully well to have you come to see us but I wish it could be for longer than a day or two.  Maybe Dorsey would look after the cow and maybe you could stay longer.  B will be working but we can visit evenings with him.  He will have his vacation in July.

Bob's concert was very nice and he had his last lesson today.  He talks about music next fall but we won't know till the time comes whether he'll go on or not.  I have never let him know that I wonder though.  Ann seems ready for piano and seems to look forward to it.

Our roses are blooming now and the red climber is simply beautiful.  It was one of the cheap ones (2 for .69) I got last spring.  One of my new roses is beginning to bloom & is covered with buds.  It is the Betty Prior--a pink single like a wild rose.  The old wild roses in the back are blooming now and are so much nicer this year now that they big elm is gone & they get more sun.

We went to the tea for Seniors today and it was very nice.  Yesterday was sizzling hot but today was cool and I wore a suit.  There were lots of suits there & lots of sleeveless dresses but I know they were cold.  Tomorrow is commencement so I hope it will be nice.  The exercises are held outdoors if it doesn't rain.  If it doesn't, they have to go into the gym & there never are enough seats.

This week has seemed long.  We had two school picnics.  Ann had two picnics and a school party so I have been busy fixing food to take or send out.

We'll keep hoping you get to come.  Let us know."

                             Lots of love,


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