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February 17, 1957 Playing Marbles and Skating, Typing Like Old Times, Cleaning Up and Talking

Life, Jan. 21, 1957

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It stays so cold but the sun is wonderful.  The kids think spring has come and it's hard to keep their coats on them.  They have been playing marbles and skating.

B is in Chicago--went yesterday but we hope he'll be on the 7:00 train tonight.  He had two different meetings but we hoped they wouldn't last long.  He had to write a paper for one and give a short talk.  He had so many extra things to do that he hadn't got it done and we were typing at midnight Thurs. night.  I told him it was like old times with me typing for him.  His secretary then typed the paper up on the electric typewriter Friday morning.

Bob's room gave a play yesterday morning.  I went to that and then we sat in the eye doctor's office most of the afternoon.  Bob has to have glasses for he is nearsighted.  The Dr. said it probably developed in the last few months and said it happened often.  They will call us when the glasses are ready.  We got home from that in time to go to the piano lesson.  I was tired last night and went to bed before 9:30.

Monday I went to a church meeting.  B gave a speech Tuesday night.  Thursday morning I shopped for scout stuff, went to a meeting of Education wives in the afternoon and both of us went to a party that night.  As a result, my ironing is still in the basket and the machine is piled with sewing and mending.

The mirror sounds really nice.  I think I'd like the big one.  I guess it will be a long time before we buy anything new for our house.  We are anxious to start upstairs but don't know when yet.  We have the house loan about paid off.  We want to get rid of that loan before we do anything and get some more insurance--a policy which pays for the house if something should happen to B.

Bob is invited to a dinner and movie party tonight.  He can hardly wait but is disgusted because I'm going to make him clean up.

I'll have to stop.  The kids talk till I can't think and this won't make sense.

They liked the Valentines.  They got a lot at school too."

                   Lots of love,


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