Sunday, July 21, 2013

September 16, 1956 In and Out Like Flies, In Full Swing, Sour Apples and A Bundle to Send

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Maybe I can write this but the kids have been going in and out like flies all morning.  It is cool and cloudy after a big rain last night.  Our grass seed hasn't started to sprout because it has been so dry.  We tried watering but that isn't like a rain.  Maybe it will come up now.

School is in full swing now.  The kids registered Wed. afternoon but didn't start till Thursday morning.  They are both so happy about it.  Everyone was ready for it to start.  Bob's piano classes begin next week.

I have been sewing this week.  I'm still working on that blue crepe.  I cut Ann's dacron dress material that you gave her (the blue check) and then cut the material I had ordered from Sears.   It was so ugly when it came that I almost sent it back.  After I looked at it awhile I decided it would make up all right.  I'll put some red trimming on it and a red belt.  If I remember it, I'll put a sample in so you can see what it's like.

I gave Ann a Toni this morning.  Her hair looked so terrible I thought I'd try it.  It is still rolled up so I don't know how it will look.

Those apples we picked off that little tree are the sourest things you ever saw.  Maybe they were too green but they are so tart you can't get them sweet.  I've made pies and apple crisp too and put almost two cups of sugar in the apple crisp.  It was still sour.

It is beginning to look like fall now.  The lawns are getting brown and some leaves are starting to fall.

Bob got his monopoly set and has played almost every free minute.  It is a long game and one game will go on for days but the kids leave the board set up and come back to it every day.  I'm surprised that they interest lasts so long.

B's mom wrote that she had ordered her rugs.  I still have a bundle to send to Olsons so you can have the coupon if you should decide to order.  Why don't you and Daddy decide to get rugs and go to Springfield and get them or else order them.  They won't get any cheaper and the longer you wait the harder it is to decide.

I must stop and get some lunch.  We're all kind of droopy after the first week of school.  There was something extra most every day for one of us."

                        Lots of love,


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