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November 24, 1956 Longies for All, Turkey for Supper and Ham for Lunch

Woman's Day, Nov., 1956

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope your rain keeps coming and soaks things good.  We have a good snow on and the kids have really been enjoying it.  B took them to a hill this morning so they could slide.  It is really cold here now and Bob put on his longies without a word.  One of my cub scouts told me, very proudly, that he was wearing long underwear now.  I'm glad you remembered Jerry's in time.  I had wondered if he could wear it.

We didn't do much on Thanksgiving.  I spent most of the day cleaning.  Wattersons brought their turkey and came for supper.  The kids don't get to be together much anymore and they really enjoy themselves when they do.  After supper Watty, B & I went out to their house to look around.  Toni stayed with the kids and did the dishes.  Their house is nice.  The children's bedrooms are in the basement and the walls are plywood panels or sheets.  I would prefer plaster.  The whole house will be finished before long, including the recreation room.

Images from Woman's Day, Nov., 1956

I had a letter from Bessie last week.  Our letters had crossed for I had written her one.  She says they won't be in Richland until the 22nd.  I had hoped she would go order the cake but I'll do it by mail.  If Mrs. Clark can't help us maybe Dorothy Phelps will.  They say Mrs. Clark is better but I think Dorothy did all right last year.  If you bake the ham we won't need anything else but bread for sandwiches and coffee.  I told Bessie everyone could fix his own lunch that day.

Ladies Home Journal, Dec., 1956

I don't know what to suggest for Xmas.  Bob can always use another pair of jeans (12s).  Ann could use a knit cap or hat.  Both children might like books or records.  B needs u. wear and mostly undershirts (42 or 44) or ties.

Hope Daddy feels better by now."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  As is noted in the article above, 77,000,000 turkeys were produced in 1956, but in 2011, the US produced 248,500,000.   Due to an expected higher cost of turkey feed, the 2013 forecast is for 5.8 billion pounds of turkey meat, down a bit from 2012. 

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