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June 22, 1956 The Speech on Japanese Children, The Swarm of Boys, The Old Washer and The House Full of Kids

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been such a long week but a busy one.  I guess it was because we came home on Friday and the kids didn't start school until Wed.  They are having fun.  It has been awfully hot so I'm glad there is something to keep them busy half days.  Bob has only one more week of piano and I'm not even going to ask him to practice the rest of the summer.  I'll be glad for the vacation too.  He has had his first swimming lesson and another one today.  He really had fun and I wish Ann could go too but she's too short.  The water would be too deep for her.

B and Bob sent to a father-son dinner at the church last night.  B gave the speech on Japanese children and showed pictures.  They had a wonderful time.  Ann and I went to visit the Ladies awhile and got a cone so Ann was happy about that.  She wanted to stay up until the boys got home but couldn't make it.

We expect the garage and drive to be all done by next weekend.  A summer class has been working this week.  The forms for the walk and drive are ready and one door has been hung.  This is a big class so they may not get any cake.  I didn't even know they were coming and the place was swarming with boys when we came home from piano class.  As soon as they finish we will have the forms to mark out the patio and can get started at that.

My plants look fine.  The mums didn't even wilt and I wish I had some more of them.  They look real nice at the end of the garage but two more clumps would look better.  The iris are dormant so I won't know for a while whether they'll grow or not.  The petunias look scraggly but may snap out of it.  I had to put them out in the back until the drive gets done.  Then I'll have to move them again.  Things are growing fast now.  We have showers almost every evening and can hardly keep up with the grass.

My tooth isn't healed yet so I have another appointment in two weeks.  It is healing though and isn't sore at all today.  I don't want it done until we're absolutely sure so I'll wear this old plate all summer if I need to.  He fitted it again for me and it's better now.

Our old washer finally gave up completely this week.  I had done three tubs of clothes and it quit on the last one.  B couldn't fix it and the serviceman couldn't so there was nothing else to do but get a new one.  It is another G.E. because we could get a good deal on it.  Our old one was junk but we got $150. on it toward the new one.  I am really proud of the new one but there are lots of other things we could have used the money for if there had been any choice.

The house is full of kids watching T.V.  I guess I'd better get to work."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  For more slides of the Seiko Nursery School children, use the link:

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