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June 2, 1956 The Lake is Full, The Sermon was Good, The Manuscript is Coming Back and The Garage Boys Lap it Up

Clipping from the New York Times, June 7, 1956
Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Your late letter came on Saturday.  It always comes Thurs. or Fri. and I wasn't worried about you but just thought maybe you had been doing something extra and hadn't had a chance to write.

We've been having lots of rain and it is quite cool.  Everything is growing in leaps and bounds.  The lake is full again and everyone is so thankful.  Our minister gave such a good talk about Memorial Day.  We had just had our first good rain in a long time and he said we should be thankful for the rain, our fertile land and all the other good things in Illinois rather than be mourning for the past.  I have been intending to tell you that Bob has been going to Sunday School every Sunday and enjoys it very much.  We don't make them stay for church so it means that B goes to S.S. and I go to church but at least we all go.

Did I tell you I had written for my manuscript to be sent back to me?  I haven't heard from it yet but it hasn't been long.  I really don't have time to do writing since there are so many things I need to do.  Piano lessons will be over in June but Bob wants to take swimming lessons so that will mean taking him to the Y.W.C.A. once a week.  We want him to go though, and learn.  Ann can go to summer school and we are happy about that.  She is so changeable I wonder if she'll balk at the last minute.

B is undercoating the garage.  Watty is coming to help this afternoon.  The garage isn't really done but the main part is so they can start the paint.  Actually the boys should have been thru last week but they are coming next Wed. to pour the floor and the walk.  That will leave the driveway and a few little things.  We're just going to wait, for this teacher has another class in the summer and he mentioned something about them doing some things.  He has such good ideas we'd rather he would do the drive but if we find out that he can't then we'll have to do something about it.  Actually, he has already done so much that we aren't asking for anything but certainly wouldn't say no if he brought some other boys up.  This has been such a nice group of boys.  I've made dessert for them each time and they lap it up.

My old tooth is out and I have a partial plate to wear until my gum heals and the permanent bridge can be put in.  I talk kind of funny and had a little trouble eating at first.  Now I can sympathize with those who wear false teeth.

Use the rug coupons any way you want to.

Now that B's Dad is back in the hospital again we have decided we'd better come home during vacation.  We'll be there Sunday (10th) since graduation is Saturday, unless we need to come sooner.  We hadn't intended to come till Aug. but changed our minds.  The children will be out Thurs. afternoon and B could get excused from commencement so we might come Friday.  It all depends on what we hear from B's mom.  I won't write again and don't worry if we don't get there before Sunday evening."

                        Lots of love,


NOTES:  There is no explanation in any letter for the clipping above, although there are a couple of letters missing from the summer of '56.  I assume the unexpected early trip to Richland took the place of at least one letter.

Feeding students in the neighborhood proved to be a near life-long pleasure for our mom.  The more fraternities and sororities that popped up in the neighborhood, the more caramel corn, Chex mix, cakes and cookies were made.  It seemed there were always students around to rake leaves, shovel snow, babysit, etc.  No wonder.

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