Thursday, July 18, 2013

August 11, 1956 Sweeping Sand, Painting Windows and Going Fishing

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"By leaving everything else undone this week I have finished the patio except for sweeping sand between the bricks.  I have some of that done but am out of sand.  It will have to be done over and over probably a half dozen times until the sand is really settled.  The patio really is nice and we are so happy we went ahead with it.  B helped me bank the dirt around it and borrowed a lawn roller to pack it.  This dirt doesn't pack easily so it will take a long while for it to really be firm.  After we come to see you we'll plant grass seed on it and next spring set some flowers around he edge.

My petunias in front get prettier all the time.  They keep spreading and really look healthy.  This black dirt we have makes things grow.

Toni finally got my hair curled and it sure feels better.

Everyone is happy that school is out.  Bob's pal across the street is sick and Bob has been so lonesome.  A student next door took all the little boys around here on a picnic one day.  They had a big time but were really played out when they got home.

B is still painting on the inside of the windows.  He and Watty didn't take the screens out when they painted the outside so B is finishing that up.

The children are going to a birthday party next week and we'll have Ann's on Friday.

I finally bought material for the bathroom curtains but never did see any striped material like you wanted.  I had seen the one in the new Ward's catalog but supposed you had already seen it.  We've had our catalog for a month or more.

Tomorrow we are going fishing with Wattersons.  At least the kids will be fishing.  Watty's uncle lives on some Shell property where there is a stocked lake and small park.  We are taking our supper.

Our neighbors are going on vacation and have told us to use their garden.  It is mostly tomatoes and maybe enough to can--I hope.  There is a tree of peaches that may ripen but I really hope they wait until the other neighbors, the Vetters, get back.  I'd like the peaches but feel like that would be too much to just take.

We'll probably write again next Friday and be able to tell you when we'll be coming to see you."

                           Lots of love,


(Images from Life, 5/27/55 and Ladies Home Journal, 9/54)

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