Wednesday, July 3, 2013

April 7, 1956 The Marvelous Days, The Garage Foundation, The New Pontiac, The Flying Snow and The New Animals

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't suppose you can get this or the little package we're sending before your birthday is over, Mother.  The package is very little this time but we all send lots of love with it and wish we could see you and Daddy.

We've had some marvelous days this week but it is getting cold and raining.  I had hoped to finish painting the hall tomorrow but if it is too cold to open the house I'll have to wait.  B helped me and we gave most of it one coat of paint on Monday.  I painted two more mornings and have part of the second coat on.  It looks nice and we got the folding door on the coat closet.  That made such a difference.

The garage foundation is done and the boys will start the framing next week if the weather is good.  We've been lucky so far that they have worked every class day.  I can hardly wait to see how the garage is going to look.

Wattersons have a new Pontiac.  It sure is pretty but Toni says she sure wishes she had their own house.  They have been looking for houses but I think it would be too much to have a new car and new house, too.  They do hope to have that estate settled at last sometime this summer.  The maiden aunt dies and she was the reason for it taking so long.  Watty said he paid the $500. inheritance tax 8 years ago.

B and Ann went to Sunday School on Easter but none of us went to church.  I got up sneezing and with a runny nose.  I had been doing it for a couple of days and thought I had a cold but it was like an allergy.  There wasn't any sign of a cold Monday morning.

Ann has had another cold.  It started with a cough so I had to keep her home a couple of days.  She went back today.  The kindergarten had a little program for the parents.  It was so cute.  Ann was a baby chick so she wore her yellow dress.

This is Saturday and the snow is flying so there will be no painting today.  Maybe I'll get my ironing done.  I have a bushel basket waiting to do on the ironer.

Pretzel is fine.  He likes the warm days when he can stay outside for a while but he gets lonesome if the children don't stay with him.  Then he whines to come in with me.  We now have some new animals.  Bob has a little turtle (about the size of a half dollar) and Ann has some goldfish.

Hope your birthday is a good one, Mother."

                         Love to you both,


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