Saturday, June 8, 2013

September 10, 1955 The Heat Returns, The Family Trots, The Feedsacks, The House Plans and The Sunday School Deal

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The heat has come back with a bang.  We have had wonderful, cool weather since we were home until today.

We are all dreading next week.  We've slept late too long and next week we all have to start trotting early.  Piano classes begin Monday but school won't start for the children until Wednesday.  Ann simply can't wait.  She is so restless and wants to go right now.  Bob will be glad too but is always busy.  B took him to get shoes today.

You can't imagine the good the kids have had out of those feed sacks sewed together.  They have made tents, camped out and I don't know what all with it.  You wouldn't find a toy that would give them any more fun.  I still haven't got their pillow cases made from the other printed sacks but will soon.

We aren't any further along on our house plans than we were.  One afternoon we went to Peoria and the contractor showed us a lot of houses in different stages so we know what goes into them.  We have been talking to the contractor and he has made several suggestions and given us other blue prints to study.  We worked out another floor plan with a larger living room and no dining room.  He has taken our sketch to the architect to let him do it properly.  Then we can talk about its cost.  We think we planned it so it won't cost anymore than the other plan but it will have more living space.  If we did use that plan it would mean we'd have to get another dining table and get rid of this one.  Planning a house is fun but it is hard work, too.

I haven't mentioned your Sunday School deal to Bob but I will.  It might work and I wish it would but I'm rather doubtful.  Ann wants a Bible to take to S.S. with her so we are going to get her one tomorrow.

I hope Beulah is all right now.  Tell her I like my permanent fine.  It is still nice and soft.

Did you mention Christmas to Bessie?  I haven't written to them yet.

Did I tell you the Japanese high school girl is not coming to Normal?  The missionaries found her a place in Michigan with a conscientious objector and family.  They chose this home because of the family's anti-war feelings.

I told you about writing to a family in Ohio that is going to our university in Japan on Fulbright this year.  They stopped to see us last Saturday.  They were on their way to Seattle.

 I wrote about my manuscript this week.  Did Maxine ever hear more?"

                       Lots of love,


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