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October 29, 1955 Not in the Mood, The Penny Supper and Waiting on the House

A very typical 50's ad message that smoking was important, from Life, 1955  Bonnie would disagree.

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm tired this morning and not in the mood to work so I'll write my letter.  This week has been like a merry-go-round and we've about run down.  B had lots of extra things at school.  Bob was sick Sunday and Monday and looked bad yesterday so we have been giving him sulfa again.  Any germs that get near him land in his throat just like I used to be.  He looks and feels better this morning.  Maybe I told you he is going to wear long underwear this year in hopes that he won't have so many colds.  We were afraid he'd object to them but he liked them so much that he put them on as soon as we got them.  It was cold that day but has warmed up and he's gone back to shorts.  He is invited to a wiener roast this afternoon.

Last night was the big penny supper at school.  The mothers send the food for a cafeteria supper.  Everyone goes and buys food they have sent in the first place.  It is a money making scheme.  I sent two cakes and helped serve pie.  They have this thing every year so they really have it organized.  Over 1000 people ate supper in about two hours.

Wednesday night B & I went to a friend's house just for an evening of talk.  Our Japanese friend lives there so we all enjoyed it.  Some other people have asked to see our Japanese slides so we are having to have a little party next week.  There is another party this Saturday night.  We are beginning to say no to a lot of things we'd like to go to but we can't do everything.

We're still waiting on the house.  I do wish we'd hear.  It would be so disappointing if we can't get moved before Thanksgiving.  One reason for the slowness  is that there were some little points in the abstract that had to be changed.  Bessie said that they still planned to come but didn't mention Marjorie coming.  I don't see why Charlotte couldn't come.  I'm so glad Beulah is getting the pump.

The new house is not far from church--maybe 4 or 5 blocks.  We aren't sure about the color for the living room.  It is dark and sort of green so I'm going to take a couch cushion up there and see how it looks.  We have written for rug samples and curtain samples but they haven't come yet.

I haven't had much time to think about my book.  I never did have an answer to my last letter.  One of these days I'll write another one.

The leaves are beautiful and coming down fast now.  We'll have to start raking soon.

Hope you both are fine."

         Lots of love,


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