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October 22, 1955 The I.S.N.U. Homecoming, The Japanese Dinner and The Terrible Accident

Image from The Index, Yearbook, 1955

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a noisy town tonight.  It is the start of the big homecoming weekend.  The rooming houses are all decorated and everyone in town seems to be driving by to look at them.  There is a big parade in the morning.  The children can hardly wait for that.  B has to go to a luncheon at noon tomorrow but I never try to go to anything.  If it is a nice day we plan to take the kids on a picnic in the evening.  They have wanted to go on a wiener roast for a long time.

 Our Japanese dinner was a big success.  We had only three guests--the Japanese professor, the chairman of the art department and his wife.  Yokosawa-san ate and ate (about four bowls of rice, I think.)  He laughed and told B to imagine how good a steak would taste to him after eating Japanese food only for five years. 

He has cousins in Ohio but they were born in America and don't know how to cook Japanese food.

An earlier informal Japanese dinner with the Sorensens and Larsens, 1954
Just before supper time that night we had a terrible accident.  David spilled a pan of boiling eggs on his chest and one leg.  He got two bad burns but they are healing fine.  He was so good about it all.  We poured aspirin in him and he went to sleep and slept all night.  It hasn't hurt him since.

We're still waiting on the house.  The people moved the last few things out last Sunday.  We were up there for a few minutes and got another look at things.  The living room will have to be painted but soap and water will fix up the rest for now.

We plan to get an Olson rug for the living room and use the rugs we have for the bedrooms.  The Olsons seem quite a bit cheaper than other brands.

We have given up trying to keep it quiet about the house.  Everybody in town knows it.  I guess the neighbors up there probably asked who bought it or someone saw us up there.

Piano lessons are still a struggle.  Bob does fine when he wants to but the trouble is that he doesn't want to.

We all went to church last Sunday.  The kids got wiggly but the service was a little longer than usual.  They serve communion every Sunday, you know, and Ann was so mad because we wouldn't let her have some of "that stuff" as she called it.

Hope you both are fine.  We had a letter from Bessie.  They still plan to come here Thanksgiving.  The kids can hardly believe you are coming.  They get real excited when they talk about it."

                         Lots of love,


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  1. I never did take to piano or church- these were a source of boredom and anxiety, and I preferred collecting critters.


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