Tuesday, June 11, 2013

October 1, 1955 Dead Cowboys, Locked in the Chicken House and Disappointed with the Chicken

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There is a bang, bang cowboy show on T.V. that the kids are watching so I don't know whether I can write between dead cowboys or not.

This week has been rather hectic.  Ann spent last Sunday on a farm with Sandy's family (the little girl next door).  She got to ride a pony and she and Sandy got locked in the chicken house.  They weren't supposed to be in there so they really looked sheepish when Sandy's mother told me about it.

The rest of us went on a trip with Wattersons.  We took a picnic lunch and went to see an old court house in Metamora.  Then we went to a kennel and they (Wattersons) bought a pup.  Now we are going to get one.  We've promised the kids a dog for so long that we are really going to have to get it.

It is real snappy fall weather now.  We have a little fire in the furnace.  The sun is bright and pretty, though.

Bob pulled one of his window shades off the roller.  He was explaining how it happened and said when he pulled, it just came off the twister.

B and I went to a country church Tuesday night for a chicken supper.  I was really disappointed in the chicken.

I finally got a letter written to Bessie.  Seems like I put off letters or just can't get to them.

I had a letter from Eve Wheeler.  They have built a new house and it sounds nice.  Their house was sold out from under them.  They got sick of moving.

Hope you are all fine."

                 Lots of love,


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