Friday, June 28, 2013

March 3, 1956 The No-Cake Birthday, The Seed Catalog and The Sears Catalog

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Seems like I've had a birthday all week.  I've had a card or package most every day.  Thanks so much for the money.  I hid it away and will get something for the house with it.  I've been drooling over the seed catalogs but I don't want to plant a thing until we know about the garage.  The class has been out here to look and measure a few times.  They are drawing plans but have never promised definitely to build the garage.  Of course, they want to be sure they can get what experience they need from it before they can go ahead with any project.  If they do build it we want a combination drive and sidewalk and then we'll have to take up the brick walk that cuts across the yard.  After the drive is done we may want to do some planting on each side of it.

B surprised me with a fireplace screen but it was too big and he had to take it back.  We couldn't find one we really wanted but I dug out the old winter Sears catalog and they had one we liked.  We ordered it and it came today.  We have it up and it looks so nice.  The kids can't wait to build a fire but we are having such grand spring-like weather we don't need a fire now.  The screen had to be screwed to the front of the fireplace.  We hated to do it but managed to put the screws in the mortar rather than a brick and we couldn't find another screen we wanted.  Most of them were brass all over and I wanted the curtain part to be black.

I didn't make myself a birthday cake but made cream puffs for dessert instead.  Toni and Watty and Edna & Woody came down for the evening.  Edna & Woody brought me a potted hyacinth.  It smells so good.

Bessie wrote me a nice birthday card.  She said Dana was better now and could come to the table to eat.

Bill is here to play and they are all having a big time.  Lynn & David come to play often and Bill gets awful mad because he doesn't get to come much.

B goes to Chicago on Sunday and will be there until Tuesday.  The kids have been telling him all week what he should bring them.  He won't have much time for present buying so they probably will get a candy bar.

Bob plays in a recital Monday night.  They have been practicing hard for it.

I guess I'll stop.  It takes me so long to do anything when all the kids are around."

                 Love to you both,


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