Sunday, June 30, 2013

March 17, 1956 The Cowboys, The Tulips, The Walls, The Yard and The Meeting

Dear Mother & Daddy,

It's about bedtime for the kids but they are in the middle of a cowboy show so I'll start my letter.  Yours hasn't come yet this week.  We had a letter from B's mother on Wed. but haven't heard from her since.  We have been pretty worried but hope everything is all right since we haven't heard.

Last Saturday we all worked in the yard all day long.  We got the back all cleaned up and the tulips moved.  We used a whole gallon of kerosene burning the trash and then had about three bushels of wire, tin cans, etc. for the junk man.  My muscles sure got a workout and my right arm is still sore.  I started on the hall Monday.  It took me all week to get the paper off.  I worked every morning and one whole day on it and haven't done much else.  I guess we'll paint it but I still have a lot of work before that can be done.  The sizing has to be washed off and a few cracks fixed.  The wall is in excellent condition.  We wondered what we'd find under the paper.

The weather has been miserable this week but the snow has melted in between times so the boys could start the garage.  B had to get the building permit after we got the plans.  The blueprint looks very nice.  The largest garage we can have is 13x21.  It will be attached to the house and the roof line will be the same so it will lengthen the house.  It will have a 9x7 overhead door facing the street and three high windows on the side just for light.  The garage will extend four ft. to the front so there will be side door in the garage so we can walk under the overhang from the garage.  There will be a backdoor so we can carry groceries into the back door of the house.  Eventually we hope to have a patio back of the garage.  The ditch is all ready for the footings.  I guess they'll pour concrete Tuesday.  They work only two afternoons.

I stopped to put the kids to bed last night.  B had gone to a meeting.

We had to take our T.V. tower down because it was in the way of the garage so our reception is not too good now.  We'll put it back up after the garage is done so we'll know where we want it.

B leaves next Sunday for another long meeting.  He goes to Detroit this time until Wednesday.  He'll be on the train all day.  I was surprised that it was so far away.  This is the meeting where he and Jim always share a hotel room.  The kids are all in too many things for Eve to bring them here to spend the time with us like she did.

Bobby has been studying about honeybees at school so we had honey in the comb for breakfast.  He had never seen it that way.  I even made hot biscuits to go with it.

We haven't planned anything new for Easter.  I may make Ann a dress if I can but she can wear her last year's coat.  I've got some Japanese material for myself a dress but don't care whether it's done by Easter or not but I do need a dress.  I've worn my suits all winter and they show it."

                 Love to you both,


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Among the favorite cowboy shows:  Gene Autrey,  Kit Carson, The Lone Ranger, Cisco Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, Annie Oakley, Sugarfoot, Spin and Marty and of course, Gunsmoke.   


  1. My husband and I want to go see the new Lone Ranger when it comes out because I have a soft spot for Johnny Depp. I loved the old Lone Ranger and Cisco Kid and Gunsmoke. They don't make them like that any more do they? The old shows usually had a happy ending :-)

  2. We'll all see the movie and compare notes:-) Johnny Depp will be a great Tonto! Those old shows are still entertaining!


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