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January 29, 1955 Cowboy Shows and School, Drapes and Curtains, P.T.A. and Transportation and Gunny Sacks for Olson

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The children are watching cowboy shows and B is getting ready to go to school.  This is a long week-end for the children because it is between semesters.  They had Friday and next Monday off but B didn't have any free time.

B enjoying some students
We expect the man who is taking B's classes next semester, to come sometime today.  He probably will come to our house tonight to go over his work.  I'm going to make a pie and we'll just have coffee and pie.  I'd like to ask him for supper but just can't fit it in.

This afternoon Bob is in a recital so we have to go to that.  He's doing fine in music and hasn't been fighting it like he did.  He's working for some cowboy boots so that helps.

Both children brought home school reports this week and if they are really as good as the reports say we have two wonderful kids.  We were so pleased.

Fear not, I won't post every saved report card!

Bob's room had a puppet show on Wed. and invited the mothers to come.  Their play was so cute.  They had made the stage and puppets in art class.

Drapery ad from Ladies Home Journal for fiberglass

I have spent most of the week on the dining room drapes.  I have them hanging but they have to be hemmed and pressed.  They do look nice and I'm pleased after all the hard work.  I don't think I ever made anything that took any harder work.

I had ordered brass rods for the kitchen but they looked so cheap when they came that I sent them back and ordered some others.  Now we are waiting for them to come and then I can hang the kitchen curtains.

Thursday night is the last of our P.T.A. meetings and we are glad.  It takes a lot of planning to have a good meeting.

My article on flower arrangement came back--too difficult for children they said.  I sent it to another magazine but it came back again.  Two other articles haven't bounced yet.  I never did get an answer on my book but haven't decided what to do next.

Ann is fine again.  She takes cold so easily but I think it's because she gets overtired.  She goes like a whirlwind as you know.  She almost talked my ears off when she was home.  Her room at school took a train ride to Lincoln, Ill. and then came back on the school bus.  They had been studying transportation and this was the finishing point.

We didn't go to church last week.  Ann was coughing and I wanted to keep her in and none of us were very peppy so we all stayed at home all day.  We really enjoy our Saturdays and Sundays by ourselves.

And I won't post every saved school project!
You have to send material to Olson for rugs but I know you could find things to send because they take anything no matter how ragged--gunny sacks, rayon, cotton--anything.  It doesn't cost a cent to send the stuff.  I have a coupon for quite a few pounds you can have and probably can find some old clothes to send off.  You read your book and you'll find out how easy it is.  I'll help you next summer and we'll dig up some stuff if you want to.

A little Olson history from their website

I must get busy so bye for now."

                        Love to you both,


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