Friday, June 21, 2013

January 14, 1956 Happy New Year! Two Coats of Green, Half the Windows to Clean, Liver & Onions and Some Sour Cream

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It seems like months since we were home.  We've been working pretty hard and can see that we've done a few more things to the house.  I painted the woodwork in the dining room to match the living room and that took two days because it was white and I had to put on two coats of green.  Another day I spent scraping paint off windows.  It had never been done so it was a real chore.  I still have half the windows to clean.  The drapes still haven't come but I have the windows ready now, anyway.  I ordered some material for the kitchen curtains too and it should be coming soon.  I'll be sick of curtains by the time I get them up.  The kitchen hasn't any blinds nor rods either so I am going to use brass rods and make cafe curtains with brass rings so I can draw them if we need to.  It is hard to tell how much sun we'll get when the leaves are on this big tree in the back.

After looking and looking for drapes to go in our bedroom I finally took our old living room drapes and fixed them to fit.  They are a bit skimpy but will do for awhile.  That will save a bit and we can wait until we know what we want to do to the bedroom.  We don't want to have to paint it and these old drapes look nice with the walls.

The dining room rug wouldn't shrink a bit when it was cleaned so I'll have to cut it off.  The cleaner tried to shrink it but it wouldn't work.  While the rug was gone I cleaned and waxed the dining room floor.  Bruce floor cleaner is wonderful stuff and our floors sure are pretty.

We're still eating the food you gave us.  The liver & onions were delicious.  I cooked the last of the meat last night but still have cream.  It is sour of course but makes wonderful doughnuts.  I've made two batches with it.

We haven't been any place except church.  Ann went to S.S. but we just sat down in church when she began to get sick so I had to bring her home.  She had missed two days of school but we thought she was o.k.  She was o.k. Sunday afternoon and has been fine since.

We are all fine and hope you both are."

                   Lots of love,


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