Monday, June 24, 2013

February 4, 1956 Quiet and Happy, Black and Blue, Snowy and Blustery and Pumpkin Pie

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"All is quiet in the house after a big day.  Lynn came home with Bob from school and stayed for supper.  I fixed their suppers on trays so they could watch T.V.  and they had a big time.  Ann was happy too.  She went to Watterson's and played all morning.  Then she was invited to play with a little girl friend after school.  She came home happy.

B and I went to P.T.A. last night.  It was the last one we had to help plan although there will be more meetings that others have planned.  It came out real well.

I haven't done much work this week--at least, work on the house.  B fell and sprained his ankle Monday afternoon so I have done all the little chores around the house which he usually does.  I had to drive him to school and go after him because he could hardly walk.  He limps only a little now but his ankle is black & blue.

The new professor and Mildred Wells came up Wed. evening.  I made a pumpkin pie.  The man is unmarried but he's our age.

We have had a cold, snowy, blustery week just like you have had.  Even Pretzel holds his paws up off the ground when we go out.  The kids have really enjoyed the snow.  Bob has had to have two pairs of jeans every day.

David has a birthday this month so I'm knitting him some mittens.  I can do that while Bob has his music lessons.

I'm sure you can get enough old rags for your rugs.  You won't have to send it all at once.  I think I have a 30 lb. coupon and that's a good start.  You can have it and one of these days I'll get another bundle together.

It has taken me an hour and a half to write this letter so I might as well stop."

                Love to you both,


NOTE:  All of the Margaret and H.A. Rey books were favorites.  The one pictured above is not old and I no longer have the original which was published in the early 1940's I believe.  It was the inspiration for our dog's name.

There will be lots of comments on the rags and rugs in upcoming letters.  My grandmother was very "proper" and I suspect she didn't care for the idea of anyone seeing her old rags!

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  1. When Dad slipped on the ice and sprained his ankle he did not want to spend the money on a doctor's visit. He had a nurse who was a neighbor look at it and she wrapped it up. He was hurting pretty bad for several days but it healed ok.

  2. Ha! Probably because of all the house calls required by us!


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