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December 3, 1955 The Piano Practice, The Manuscript, The Rug and The Furnace

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'll write my letter while I drink my coffee.  We usually practice piano now but there are special TV shows on Saturday so we'll practice later.  Bob is doing fine with piano.  They are learning Christmas carols now.

Green star means "very well done" but practice still needed.
Red star means "good job" but practice still needed.

I haven't done much in the house this week.  The children have had several others here to play and I can't do a thing when there is a houseful of kids.  I have been making Ann a dress.  She is growing out of her clothes.  I thought I might save this as a Christmas present so I can sew just when she's gone.

Thursday was a full day and I'm still tired from it.  The Education Wives met at 1:15, then music class and then I went to another club meeting that night.  It was too much for one day.

I haven't had a chance to write about my manuscript.  Woody says the agent may have given it to some publishers who have had it for a long time.  He says they are very slow and he thinks it is all right.  He does want me to write the agent and ask her what she has been doing with it and if any publishers have seen it.

We try to go to church but it is hard.  Ann goes to S.S. every Sunday and Bob willingly goes to church with us but we can't get him to go to S.S. with Ann.  She will beg him but it doesn't do any good.  They both are pretty good in church but I could get more out of it if they would go to S.S. and let us go to church.

We like our rug very much and it doesn't show dirt like a plain one.  It is 12'8" x 20 and covers the floor completely except for the place on each side of the fireplace.  Olsons are reversible, you know, so we didn't get the rug cut out to fit around the fireplace because sometime we'll want to turn it.  The fireplace is not centered.  It looks like it is but there is about 4 inches difference.  Did you get your Olson catalog?  I sent your name in.

Image courtesy of eBay

I think you'll get used to the furnace.  Ours makes noise too.  The even heat is so wonderful and to not shovel coal--that's heaven.

I must get to work.  Woody is coming after some boxes.  They are moving into their new house next week.  It isn't finished but they will live in three rooms until it is done.  They are tired of paying double bills and rent.

Don't work too hard."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE:  Daily piano practice was always closely supervised and always rewarded so it wasn't too bad most of the time. 

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  1. I remember my Dad starting a fire in the coal furnace and shoveling coal in to get it going when we lived in the duplex. The only way to keep it going was to add coal every day. The new house had a gas furnace and no shoveling.


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