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December 10, 1955 The Last Letter of '55, The 50th Anniversary and The Published Article

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It just doesn't seem like this could be Christmas.  It is cold out but sunny everyday.  We put our Christmas tree up today and just finished decorating it.  I have been trying to write a few Christmas cards but it is a slow job when there are so many other things to do.  I finished a dress for Ann's Christmas and am going to make her another one.  Rosalynn wrote of the plans for the open house for her folks anniversary so Ann must have a yellow, partified dress for that.  I found a piece of yellow dacron that will be fine for year round wear and she really needs a good dress.  She does love to dress up.  She has almost worn that can-can slip you gave her until it gets so dirty I'm ashamed of it.  It makes her skirts stand out.  It doesn't take me long to make her a dress so don't worry about making one for her.  She takes a size 5 now.  Bob would like jeans.  He won't wear anything else to school.  He takes a 12.  They have to be rolled up but are right in the waist.  Don't give extra for double knees.  They don't last any longer than the others.  I don't have any other ideas unless it would be a plaid cotton flannel shirt.  He wears them to school too and wears a 10.

This is Autie, our Grandmother Belshe,  in her wedding dress.

We plan to come home the 22nd or 23rd and will stay thru New Year's Day because of the anniversary party at Belshe's.  I'll write again next week and tell you just which day we'll be there.

This is Ovid, our Grandad Belshe.

I have had a short article accepted by a teachers' magazine but I won't be paid for it until it appears in print and that is supposed to be in the spring.  I haven't the faintest idea how much I'll get for it but very little, I'm sure.  At least, it is a start and the editor asked if I had others to send.  I've been trying to get some material together to send but can't get it done.  I haven't even had time to write about my book.  I can't do things like that with the kids around and haven't had time anyway."

                     Love to you both,


The anniversary tea pot

NOTES:  Our grandparents were married on January 21, 1906.  The open house to celebrate their 50th anniversary was during the Christmas holiday.  I was intrigued by the notion that all gifts were to include something gold  and that my dress therefore would be a very bright yellow.  I remember the dress well and loved it.  However, the fabric was slippery and it was nearly impossible to keep the large sash tied into a bow and so it hung to my ankles most of the time.

50th Anniversary, Jan., 1956
This is their house, long abandoned now, where the anniversary party was held.

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  1. Loved this post. I remember going to the open house with my parents.


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