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August 6, 1955 Rejected by Good Housekeeping, Thrilled About Ice-Cream and Two Apple Pies

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a long week and I haven't got much done.  Ann has been sick so I've not had a chance to do anything.  I think she must have caught something from one of the girls visiting Toni.  Bill was sick too and the Dr. came to see him on Sunday.  Then Monday we called him for Ann.  The children didn't seem to have the same thing but they both had an infection so both got penicillin and some other medicine.  Ann's trouble was in her bronchial tubes and she sounded like she had a motor running in her chest.  He questioned me about asthma but we've never had it.  She still tires easily but slept well last night.

Last night we went to the lake for a picnic but Ann couldn't go in the water.  She and Bill fished so they had fun.

Good Housekeeping also sent my article on the tea ceremony back to me.  None of the magazines say why they reject anything.  It has been too hot to send it anywhere else.  I have never heard about my book but Woody says that is the way it usually is.  If I haven't heard by September I'll write about it.

Today was Bob's last day of school.  I think he enjoyed it and didn't seem especially glad that it was out.  The teacher treated all the children with fancy ice-cream cones.  He was thrilled about that.

We haven't heard from our friends from Japan yet.  They should be in America by now.  They have two boys and a girl.  The boys are about 11 and 13 and Becky is about a year older than Ann.

The Teeles

I made two apple pies today.  It was a hot job but it tasted good.

Take it easy and don't get too hot."

                     Lots of love,


NOTE:  For 2 apple pie recipes:  For more, use the search box to bring up past posts which include apple pie.

The image at the top of the post is from Woman's Day, July, 1955.  The article it illustrated is entitled "How To Be a Girl".

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