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May 6, 1955 Punch & Potholders, White Carnations and A Blue Kimono

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just came home from a party at school.  Bob's room gave a Mothers' Day party for their mothers.  Each child had made his mother a pot holder in art class.  The children gave a little program and then we had punch and cookies the children had made.  We hope your Mothers' Day will be a nice day for you both.

I enjoyed the program you sent.  It really doesn't seem that Charlotte is old enough to be graduating from eighth grade.

Ann went to school this afternoon for the first time this week.  She has had a bad cold and ran a fever every day.  She didn't feel so bad but I tried to keep her quiet.  That is almost impossible.  I was afraid she'd get that awful cough but I guess she had another kind of cold.

We are so anxious for her to get her Salk shots but so far we haven't heard any more about it.

I've really worked this week.  I did some painting in the kitchen and have the kitchen about finished.  The woodwork was chipped so badly that it looked dirty all the time.  It looks real nice now.  The floor has to be scrubbed & the curtains washed.

My talk last Saturday was very successful.  It was a home ec. club banquet and the dinner was delicious.  The girls sent me a beautiful corsage of white carnations and it looked real pretty on my blue kimono.

I had a letter from the literary agent today.  She hasn't had time to look at my manuscript except to glance at it.  She said she is very busy but I'll hear from her again the last of the month.  At least she didn't send it back.  I was pleased with the letter.

My formal is all done but the hem.  The fabric is big checks of different shades of gray with a narrow red line thru it.  It is beautiful material but so hard to work with.

B spoke in Decatur at a banquet last night.  They gave him the flowers off the table as well as a check.  We were pleased and surprised.

Hope you are both fine."

           Lots of love,


NOTE:  I could hardly believe it when I found the dress, having been packed away for 30 years in my daughters' trunk of dress-up clothes.  It used to have a grey satin under-dress but I haven't unearthed it yet.

Also, included in the letter; the card and "drawings" below.

Bob, where is that Mothers' Day pot holder?

Bonnie's Pink Champagne Punch  (Probably not served at the First Grade party)

Cover 1 quart strawberries with 1/2 cup sugar.  Add 3 oz.  Brandy and 1 bottle of chilled Sauterne.  Let stand 1 hour & then stir.  Add 2 fifths chilled pink champagne and 1 bottle sparkling water.  Pour over ice and serve.

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