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May 13, 1955 The Nylons, The Nuisance, The Appendix, The T.V. and Singing the Wrong Song

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I've been waiting for the children to go to sleep and B has some students down stairs so it's a good time to write a letter.  Your letter came today.

We have been having cold and cloudy weather again.  We did need the rain but it was a nuisance to get out Bob's flannel shirts again.  I had packed some winter things away.

I'm glad you liked the nylons.  I bought my first pair the same time and I think they are more comfortable than plain nylons.  But they don't look as sheer.  I had a nice Mother's day too.  B gave me a red carnation corsage and he and the children gave me underwear.

My formal looked nice and B's red flowers just set it off.  The party was in the boys' dormitory and they had a white carnation corsage for me.  I couldn't wear it too so I brought it home and gave it to Toni.  She wore it Mothers' Day.

I'd like to see Bernadine and Ray before they leave.  We have a new sitter that Bernadine told me about last summer.  I had forgotten about her until she came up to me after my last speech and told me who she was.  The girl's mother has been one of Bernadine's children's teachers.

Is Fannie all right?  I never heard of a pregnant woman having her appendix out.

I don't know whether 1-1/2 yds. will make Ann a dress or not.  The wide material may be enough.  She is between a four and five and it is harder to sew for her now.

You will enjoy the T.V. but the programs aren't as good now as last winter.   "Meet Millie" is my favorite show.  Bob loves the cowboy shows and they can be exciting sometimes--even for me but I wish there weren't so many.  I hope the kids won't pester you to death.  I have more than my share now but wouldn't say anything because Bob went to Watterson's to watch so much before we got ours. 

I wish I could see your iris.  You know how I love them and sometime I'm going to have a garden of them.  Maybe by that time yours will have spread out until I can have some of them.  It has been so long since I sent those to you that I can't remember the colors but it seems like there were three difference ones.

I think I told you that Ann's room had baby chicks at Easter.  They took all of them to a farm, except two.  One is a rooster and one a hen.  The teacher told us the rooster crowed this week so I mentioned it to Ann.  She said, "Yes, it crowed.  But it sang the wrong song."

Hope Daddy's cough is better and that you don't get the bug."

                 Love to you both,


NOTE:  For a very quick look at "Meet Millie"...


  1. The comment you made when you were a child about the rooster singing the 'wrong song' made me smile :-)

  2. I'm certain that it didn't quite sound like the "cock-a-doodle-do" I expected! Probably more of a screech having spent his life in a kindergarten classroom!

  3. Love these wonderful stockings/nylons ads. I think that typically we tend to associate nude and beige hosiery (with or without back seams) with the 40s and 50s, but in relatively (especially after the war) there were many colours to be had, including the classic black shade shown here (which reminds me to partner sheer/semi-sheer black hose with my 50s cocktail frocks and suits more often).

    Wishing you a beautiful Monday & week head, dear Ann!

    ♥ Jessica


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