Thursday, May 16, 2013

March 5, 1955 The Coma, The Funeral, The Chicken Pox and The Nice Birthday

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has really been some week!  B got up and took the 4 a.m. train to Chicago last Saturday and the came home that evening.  We were busy Sunday then getting him ready to leave in the afternoon for Chicago again.

One of our old maid friends has been very sick for a long time.  She had been in a coma for three days and Toni and I have been called up there so much.  The other two old maids would get worried and call us.  They called me Sunday morning and she was taking on so badly.  Toni and I took turns staying with them and she finally died while I was there.  I had to leave to take B to the train so Toni stayed while the undertaker was there and until some other friends came.

The children were upset about Janey's death as well as B's leaving so I've stayed right with them most of the week.  Ann went with us to the piano class but got bored so I hope I don't have to take her any more.

While the children were at school Monday I went and visited with the Ladies (the same ones we call the old maids) and then on Tuesday Lola Rine and I went to the funeral home during school time.  Ann began breaking out with chicken pox that night but didn't feel too bad.  She doesn't do badly in the day but doesn't sleep much at night.

Granny Watterson kept all the children so Toni and I went to the funeral.  It was Catholic and was held in a little town about 15 miles from Bloomington.  We were gone all morning.  Most of the service was in Latin but he preached the short sermon in English of course.

B came home last night and we were all sure glad to see him.  It is sort of lonesome around here when he's gone.

I had a nice birthday.  I got several packages and a lot of cards.  Toni made a surprise birthday cake for me and after school the children gave me a birthday party.

I forgot to say that all three of Toni's children took chicken pox when Ann did.  This is some house full of kids.  Bob is happy to be done with it all."

                 Love to you both,


NOTE:  For this birthday and several to come, B would give Bonnie jewelry he purchased in Japan, including the silver bamboo pieces pictured above.

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