Friday, May 31, 2013

July 2, 1955 Terribly Hot, Enjoying Summer School and The Rejected Article

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Edna & Woody came last night so I didn't get this written.  It has been terribly hot the last few days but it is thundering so maybe it will cool off.  Toni and I took the kids swimming yesterday and we all have red skin today.   I didn't go in the water because I don't have a new suit but my arms & legs really got some sun.  We went to the State Farm Insurance Park which is a wonderful place.  You have to have a pass to get in but a student took us in as his guest.  He works there.

Our music classes are over until fall.  I'm glad because it is hard to get cleaned up and get to class when it is so hot.

Bob is enjoying summer school.  They went to the fire station yesterday.  Ann didn't get to go.  The teacher called and said she had a child in braces, a blind one and one or two others that needed special attention besides the children already enrolled and she didn't think she could take any more.  It was all right anyway.

I sent my article on the tea ceremony to Atlantic Monthly but it came back.  I'm going to sent it somewhere else.  Woody looked at it and thought it was good.  I still haven't heard about the book.

The kids have some sparklers for the 4th & B won't have to teach.  It will be nice to have the extra day.  We're invited to Lake Bloomington tomorrow.  Mildred Wells & her little boy asked us to spend the day with them in a cabin they use.  Bob can hardly wait.

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There isn't any news so I'd better wash my breakfast dishes."

                    Love to you both,


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