Wednesday, May 8, 2013

January 8, 1955 Unpiggled, Alive and Doing Fine and No Fool Like an Old Fool

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've been getting up early every morning and I seem to get so much done but here it is Saturday and we slipped.  We just finished breakfast and it is getting late.  B & Bob are going to get some plywood for the train set.  I got started in the basement yesterday and cleaned it instead of the house so I have to do that today.

This has been a nice week.  We didn't have to go any place and haven't had any company except some children.  Ann was invited to play with a little girl after school one day but backed out at the last minute.  Last night she was sleeping with her little Christmas doll and called me and she said, "The pigtails have come unpiggled."

Our typewriter still hasn't come but should be here any day.  B goes to Decatur to give a talk to the Unitarian Church group tomorrow night.  We have had nice weather and just hope it stays nice.

Today is the third day of sunshine after a huge rain.  It is cold but the sun is what my little plants need.  They still seem to be alive and doing fine.  I think they'll be o.k. if they can stand the cold.  The didn't seem to freeze when some other plants did.

B has another talk scheduled on the 25th of Jan. and I go to the Christian Church on the 26th for mine.  They offered to pay.  I was so shocked and  told them I didn't want anything.  I wouldn't charge a church group anyway but most of them don't offer to pay.

We got a real kick out of your letter.  I guess that story was what Maxine wanted to tell us.  I guess that old saying is right.  "No fool like an old fool."

Is Nobel's hand o.k.?  Did he have a tetanus shot? 

Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  I wish I knew the story that Maxine wanted to tell Bonnie! 


  1. So glad the letters have started again. I'm addicted! Sally

  2. What a nice comment! I usually don't get excited about someone's addiction:-)


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