Thursday, May 9, 2013

January 15, 1955 Lazy, Lots of Fun, Sukiyaki and Pul-Ko-Kee

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been bitter cold and there is a bit of snow on the ground that fell several days ago.

We are lazy this morning.  We had two couples in last night for a Japanese dinner and they stayed late.  We ate off the low table we brought home with us and sat on the zobotone.  It was lots of fun.  I think they enjoyed it.

As usual, we have all been busy.  Bob's room made ice cream one day at school.  He took a little cream for his part.  Every child took something.  They mixed it themselves and froze it themselves.  It was a wonderful experience.  I visited a reading lesson one day.  That was interesting too.

We got Ann a new coat.  We looked for one in Bloomington but couldn't find one in her size so I ordered one from Sears and one from Wards.  They were nice ones.  I think we'll keep the one from Ward's.  It is red nylon fleece and supposedly can be washed.  It is pretty big so she'll wear it next year too.

The Spring coat pattern

B is going to get my sewing machine today.  I never have brought it home from Sorensen's.  I hadn't needed it and they didn't seem anxious for us to take it even if Edna never sews.  I'm beginning to think of Spring sewing now.  I may make Ann a Spring coat and she will soon need dresses.

Our typewriter came and is really nice.  It has all kinds of gadgets on it to make it easy to use.  I can't seem to settle down to write anything at all.  I am usually too tired at night and just don't have time in the day.  Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get any done.

B's paper wasn't too long and once he got at it he didn't have to work too long at it.

My Chinese evergreen is doing fine.  It doesn't look like it had even been moved.

Bobby is going to have a little party at home Tuesday and not take treats to school.  He wanted to have children at the house so we're having a few.

I have another speech to give Monday night.  It is for a club of older people in town and there are about forty in it.

Phyllis is gone to see about a teaching job this week-end.  She graduates in two weeks.  It is going to be hard to get used to her being gone.

I must stop and make the beds."

                Lots of love,

NOTE:  Bonnie loved serving Japanese, and any Asian food to guests and as the size of the guest lists grew, so did the number of card tables with sawed-off legs.  Soon she purchased folding round tops to extend the size of the tables' surfaces.  And as for time to write, the time would come when Bonnie wrote many children stories, the 2 Japanese books and several children's plays.  I will post the stories when the time is right.


  1. Hi sweet Ann,

    I just love the vintage car ads you've been including in your recent posts. I don't profess for a moment to be a vintage car expert, but gosh if I don't love them to pieces and try to get any vintage car events around these parts (of which there are at least a couple each year - in fact, they're the only vintage related happenings here!) as possible.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment today. It's great to be back to blogging (the online backlog I amassed while out of commision isn't so fun though!), and I hope that by the end of the month, I'll have recouped enough to get out and take some photos again (yesterday's and the rest for this month were all taken pre-surgery, as I knew I'd be MIA on that front for a while, but still wanted to post outfit snaps sometimes in the coming weeks).

    How have things been going on your end lately? I hope that May is off to a terrific start for you guys. We're getting treated to unseasonably warm weather and more sunshine than you can shake a vintage sun parasol at all, which is certainly wonderful (and makes the cat a really happy camper, too).

    Big hugs, sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. Japan and the Japanese people obviously left a lasting impression on Bonnie.

  3. Yes, she had an enduring interest in many cultures and spent nearly 3 decades traveling the world after "retirement", including your neck of the woods. She brought back a delightful book, "The Muddleheaded Wombat" which became a family favorite:-) Always nice to hear from you!

  4. Oh how wonderful. I love those old fashioned stories :-)


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