Wednesday, May 15, 2013

February 25, 1955 Lost Letters, Ann Sneaks Around and Enough Cold and Snow

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our letters must have got lost last week.  We heard from the Belshes today and they hadn't had our letter either.  We wrote at the usual time and you should have had them.

Bob went back to school today and Ann still hasn't taken the chicken pox.  Lynn sure was disgusted because she couldn't have them the same time Bob did.  It would have been nice.  They could have entertained one another.  He kept me jumping to find things to do.  There were two days that he felt bad but got along very well.  He didn't have many on his face but lots on his back and the marks are still there.

B and I went to school last night to a meeting of first grade parents.  Ann was still up when we got home.  I had her in bed when I left but she wasn't asleep.  As we went out the door B said if we waited five seconds we'd see her come down the steps.  This new sitter is good with the kids but can't get Ann to bed if she is awake or wakes up later.

Since Bob got sick I haven't done anything to the house so I've tried to do some cleaning today.  I didn't get very far, though.

It is still a little cold but Ann took her tricycle out yesterday and had such a good time.  We've had our share of cold and snow.

It is about time for the kids to come home so I'd better stop.  There isn't any news to write anyway."



NOTE:  In the national news there was much debate about the existing U.N. charter.  Middle East peace and security concerns were prominent in discussion in Feb., 1955 leading to the Baghdad Pact between Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and the U.K.  Conflicts between Israel and Egypt were escalating.  There was always much discussion in our household about current world events and politics.  One of my earliest recollections is of Bonnie saying that she didn't believe there would be peace in the Middle East in her lifetime, or during that of her children's.  At the time I had no idea what she meant.


  1. Love the car pic. That wai "the car" when we were in high school. Everyone wanted one in just that color

    1. Hi Sally! Yes, that car was popular for as long as I can remember and there was a Barbie doll car just like it:-)


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