Tuesday, May 14, 2013

February 19, 1955 Chicken Pox for 5, A Style Show Mob and Seedless Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our news this week is that Bob has chicken pox.  He felt a little bad Wednesday noon but went to school and to David's birthday party after school.  We thought he had a sore throat when he wouldn't eat supper but he was breaking out when he woke up Thursday.  Now he is broken out pretty good.  His face isn't bad but his back is covered.  He has stayed in bed without any trouble but is hard to entertain.  Since all of the kids were exposed they play in his room so he doesn't get so lonesome.  All five children will probably have them but we wish they would do it at the same time and not drag it out.

I can't remember when I ever had the chicken pox but hope I have.  Did I?

We got such a nice package from Beulah.  I had written to her a day or two before it came and haven't had a chance to write again.  Charlotte had made Bob some horse's heads to hang on the wall.  He sure is proud of them.  He took them to school to show the children and then forgot them.  Then he got sick.  Lynn went all the way back after them today when he asked her to bring them home for him.  She can hardly stand it that she hasn't broken out with the chicken pox now too.

Image from the ISNU Index

There is a play for children at school tomorrow and we were going to see it.  I'll take Ann and go if she doesn't have chicken pox tomorrow.

Bob's thumb doesn't bother him.  The nail is black as can be but never hurts.  After the first two days it has been all right.

I went to a benefit style show with Toni one night.  Their church was having it.  It was real nice but there was such a mob there that we couldn't even get into the room where they style show was and had to watch from the hall.  We could see real well but couldn't hear a thing that was said about the clothes.

Our new neighbor is real nice.  Toni invited her and a few of us other neighbors in for coffee one afternoon.  Ann played over there one afternoon and their little 5 yr. old girl came over here once.  They have a 10 yr. old girl too.

It is warmer now so we have mud.  It is worse than snow but always has to be after the snow.  I'll be glad to see spring.

The article I'm sending is about the friend who gave us the seedless watermelons.  He hopes to market a seedless tomato this year, too.

I think I'll go to bed.  I've been up and down the stairs too much today!  Hope you are all fine."

                     Lots of love,



  1. Did you end up getting Chicken Pox Ann? Did Bonnie catch Chicken Pox too? I did as a child and Mumps and Measles :-( Thankfully I never had to worry about these childhood illnesses when my 2 children were growing up and going to school. They can be quite nasty when an adult gets any of them.

  2. Yes, I had them within the next couple of weeks, as did our good friends! I believe that Mom had them as a child, thankfully!


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