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February 12, 1955 The Smashed Thumb, The Piano Classes, The Deep and Slippery Snow, The New Help and Sweet Rolls

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope it is warmer there than it is here.  It was 11 below last night but got up to 0 today.  I went to Normal for a few minutes and the cold made my head hurt.  We have an awful lot of snow too so the streets are bad.  The children don't mind the cold and walk thru the deepest snow they can find.  I keep after them about coming straight home but they always come in covered with snow.

I shut the car door on Bob's thumb yesterday and he spent a miserable night but it doesn't hurt now unless it gets bumped.  It made him sick (and me too) it hurt so badly.  It turned blue right away and the nail will come off.

Bob enjoys his piano classes.  There are twelve children and they do have a good time.  He has practiced every day without a word and seems to like it.  Another girl and I have been taking turns driving and it was my turn yesterday.  It was storming so that B came home and drove.  The snow was awfully deep and it was slippery.

We have a new sitter and the children like her real well.  She is a freshman so I hope she'll be in school for awhile.

Ann was real disgusted when she found out the girl wasn't going to eat with us every night.  The cooking hasn't been too bad and I've enjoyed having the kitchen to myself again but I hate being in the kitchen so long cleaning up.

I've looked for Ann a ballet teacher for a long time and finally found a real good one.  I was all set to take Ann to her first lesson and she balked on me.  She simply would not go.  I'm going to try to get her to go next week but if she doesn't want to I'll just forget it.

The children like their Valentines.  They are having parties at school on Monday so Bob and Ann wrote the names on all their Valentines tonight so they are ready.  Ann does real well with her printing.

They don't teach the kindergarten children to print at all--not even their names--but she has written her name a long time.  Now she can write her friends' names too and a lot of them without help.  She likes to practice the piano when Bob does, too but doesn't want to go with us when he takes his lessons.

B and I were invited to a Valentine's party tomorrow night but our sitter is going home for the weekend so we won't go.

Edna called us last night and asked us over for some hot bread but it was an awful night and Bob was restless with his sore thumb so we didn't go.  Edna bakes light bread all of the time.  They don't buy bread at all.

I'm making some sweet rolls so I'd better go see if they aren't ready to bake.  Come over and have one while they are hot."

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  For the Sweet Roll recipe, also referred to as Christmas Rolls, use the link:


  1. I had forgotten about Bonnie's sweet roll recipe even though I commented on the potato candy. Senior moment no doubt :-) I have saved it and I will try it. Thanks Ann for all the links to the recipes. BTW my husband who was a motor mechanic (still is really) and has a lifelong love of all things automobile has been drooling over the latest posts with all the cars pictured.

  2. I wish I had an easy way to index the recipes but until then, I hope the links are working ok! The sweet rolls are easy to make and you can add nuts, fruit, etc. before you roll them if you like. I'm glad your husband is enjoying the cars! Mine is too:-)

  3. So...Did bob loose the thumbnail? Did Ann ever go to dance class? Details must be Disclosed. : )

    1. The nail survived mostly intact! Ann didn't take ballet until the 1970s:-) And thank you for asking easy questions!

  4. Love the chattiness of this one. Such a wonderful mix of oddities.

    1. Hi Pam. Sort of a stream of consciousness:-) I'm happy that you enjoyed this simple, everyday letter! Thanks very much for commenting and sharing the letter.


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