Tuesday, May 21, 2013

April 9, 1955 The Late Birthday Package, The Unwritten Letter, The Museum of Science and Industry and The Publisher's Agent

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I hope you had a nice birthday, Mother.  I'm sorry I am so slow and that your package will be late.  It seems that I can't keep up with even half the things I should.  Sid and Steve have both had birthdays too.

Now Roger is home and I never did get a letter written to him.  He must think I'm a poor aunt.  I've had his name on a list for months and never got the letter done.  I've got to take time out and answer one from our missionary friends who are coming to America soon and want to see us in August.  If I don't answer it before they leave Japan I won't know where to write.

I wish we could be home with all of you too.  Bob thinks we should have come.  He says he wants to stay at Grandmother's about three weeks this summer.

We are still tired from our trip to Chicago but we had a very nice time.  We spent most of the day in the Museum of Science and Industry.  It is huge and has everything imaginable in it.  There was a farm with live baby chicks and even a real coal mine.  We went down in it and there were all kinds of buttons to push on the exhibits.  The kids had a picnic.  We couldn't see it all and Bob didn't want to leave.  We went on downtown and got Bob some shoes.  He is so hard to fit but we found some he liked.  We got Ann a coat and me a hat.  Ann's coat is navy and my hat is a little black pancake.

My suit still isn't finished but almost.  I took the sleeves out and cut the yoke off.  I raised the sleeves up and re-cut them.  They are all right now.  I have to finish putting the lining in but it won't take long.

B wants to mail this so I'll stop.  Sorensens were here last night and Woody gave me the name of that publisher's agent.  I am going to send my book right away.

Hope you are all fine.  Have a nice Easter."

                     Love to All,



  1. Do you still have the letter you wrote to your grandmother all those years ago Ann?

  2. Hi! Yes, what you see on the blog today is the notecard and the note I wrote on the inside. It was tucked into Mom's letter the same as other items that were saved.


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