Friday, May 24, 2013

April 30, 1955 Sewing, Printing and Fainting

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is bedtime but maybe I can keep my eyes open a while longer.  I have sewed all day and they are tired.  We are invited to a formal at school next Saturday night and I want to have a long dress.  The material is silk organdy that I bought last year.  It is pretty but has been hard to sew.  I wouldn't have made a new dress but couldn't zip my old ones that I have had for three or four years.

B says thanks for the Mirror.  We are both happy to have that.  Ann was simply thrilled to pieces with the letter you sent her.  She had forgotten about writing to you but when I explained you were answering her letter she was really happy.  She has learned to print all by herself.  They don't teach the 4 year old kindergarten children to do any printing until they are almost ready for first grade.  Ann couldn't wait and now she knows most of her letters & numbers.  She has a painting on exhibit in the hall at school.  She's proud of that, too.

Bob had his first Salk shot yesterday.  He did fine but was upset when one of the children fainted.

We are curious about the article Maxine gave you.  Where is Elizabeth Shubert's brother & which one is it?

We haven't had any exciting raises in Normal.  The Post probably meant the regular raises faculty get--$20. a month.  That comes automatically and of course we're always happy to get it.

B and I are over our colds or whatever it was.  We still cough a little but feel o.k.

Hope you both are fine."



NOTE:  I very clearly remember lining up in front of the nurse's office at school to get the polio vaccine via a sugar cube, although Bob had the first experience with the needle as a first grader.


  1. I remember the Salk injection and then much later in life I had a booster course of oral Sabin which was literally much easier to take :-) My grandfather was very insistent that all the grandchildren received their Polio vaccinations because he had a mild dose of Polio during his involvement in WWI.

  2. I'm sure that there were many relieved grandparents and parents when the vaccine became available! I didn't object to the sugar cubes at all:-)


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