Thursday, May 23, 2013

April 23, 1955 Too Many Pies, Too Many Cowboy Shows and Murders and Too Lazy

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I just finished a blouse to go with my new suit which I haven't worn yet.  B & I go to a banquet Monday night so I'll wear it then.  The blouse collar didn't work right so it took me longer to make it than I planned.   Maybe I have my fingers in too many pies but my sewing doesn't go as easy as it used to.  Seems like something always goes wrong.

Maybe I didn't tell you I had a new perm, and it needs washing now.  The kids are asleep and B is out to a meeting but I'm too lazy to do it.  I cleaned today (just weekly clean up) so I'm out of pep.  One day this week I washed the kitchen ceiling and walls.  It made me so sore it almost got me down!

Ann and I went to ballet class on Tuesday but she wouldn't take part.  The other little girl that went with us got right in the middle of things but not Annie.  She just watched and wiggled.  She still wants to go so we'll go back this next week and maybe she'll join in the class.

I mailed my manuscript on Monday so I'm anxious to hear what is said about it.  It may be a long time before I know.

The cleaner was supposed to come after my rugs on Tuesday.  I haven't seen him yet so I'm about to give up.

Bob will probably get his Salk injection next week.  Isn't it wonderful to have that at last.  We have Ann's name on the list at our doctor's as soon as he gets the stuff.  B and I will take it too as soon as there is enough to go around.  We heard that the shots would cost about $15. per person but the Polio Director here told B he thought we could all get it for about $15. (B, Ann & I).  Bob's shots are on the state.  I hope Charlotte & Jerry get it.

I owe Beulah a letter from way back.  Tell her to write me and not wait for my answer.  But she's as busy as I am now with spring here.

Hope you've heard about your T.V. and will have it soon.  We enjoy ours but wish we had a better antenna so we could have a better selection of programs.  We get too many cowboy shows and murders.

Easter was such a beautiful day.  In the evening we built a big fire outside and had a wiener roast with the Wattersons.

I think every clump of plants I brought from home is still alive.  They are growing and are about to bloom.  I hope they will start to spread.  Things really grow when the sun shines.

Hope you both are fine."

                     Lots of love,


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