Wednesday, May 22, 2013

April 16, 1955 A Great Event, A Thing Going Around, The Blooming Violets and The Dirt Won't Show

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Since Bob is staying all night with Lynn tonight we took Ann and went grocery shopping after supper.  Bob & Lynn think it is a great event for him to sleep over there.  Ann was disgusted because no one was coming to stay with her but she had forgotten it by the time we got home from the store and is fast asleep.

I have had a sore throat but I went to the doctor when it started down into the bronchial tubes.  He gave me a big does of penicillin and I'm getting rid of it.  I still cough but feel better.  B has a cough, too.  The doctor said this thing was going around.

Ann went to Sunday School last Sunday and looked so cute all dressed up.  I'm making her a new dress out of some cotton we got in Japan.  It has a white background so will get dirty easily.  She needs clothes for she has grown so much and it takes a lot when she needs a nice, clean dress everyday.  She just can't wear one dress two afternoons.

We dug up a little spot of ground and the kids planted lettuce, radishes and some flowers.  The radishes are up.

The weather has been wonderful this week.  The violets are blooming everywhere and the redbud tree by our kitchen window is beautiful.  Bob has one or two freckles.  He wants to have a lot of them.

I'm glad you liked the wash cloths.  I know you would have liked white ones but I couldn't get them so thought you could use those darker ones when we come to see you.  The dirt won't show so much on them.

B is taking a car load of students to a meeting at another college tomorrow.  They will be gone all day.

I'm about out of news so bye for now.  Are the dogwoods out yet?"



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