Wednesday, April 17, 2013

September 4, 1954 The Freight Arrives, The Cleaning is Coming Along and The Naps were a Surprise

Included in the letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is too hot to do much of anything today.  We went downtown this morning and got Ann some school shoes and when I'm gone in the morning I don't want to work in the afternoon.

Our freight from San Francisco finally came on Wed. morning and it has taken us since then to get it unpacked and put away--some of it still isn't put away.   The boxes were in excellent condition and looked as good as they did the day they were packed.  One flower vase was broken, one lacquer tray was chipped and Bob's bike was bent.  The bike has been fixed and the tray can still be used so only the vase was a total loss.  It wasn't valuable but I had used it a lot and liked it.  The things of real value were in excellent shape and the others were insured.

Our house cleaning is coming along slowly but surely.  Most of the downstairs is finished.  I don't plan to do too much upstairs but the trouble is when you clean one spot it makes the dirt show somewhere else.

We haven't done anything interesting or been anywhere except the park one evening.  Ann and Bob took naps one day so we spent the evening in the park.  The naps were a surprise to all of us I guess since Ann went to sleep curled up in the doll bed.  Bob straightens his room and makes his bed every day.  I don't know where he got the idea but he has done it everyday so we have really praised him.  It is a big help to me.  Maybe he's just terribly happy to be in his old room again.

We had a letter from B's mother but no real news about his dad.  If he should have an operation we'll probably come home.  School starts a week from Monday so we could come.

I hope you both are fine and not working too hard."

                   Love to both,



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