Friday, April 19, 2013

September 18, 1954 Ann Misbehaves in Church, Bobby Gets Disgusted and School is Wonderful

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is like mid-summer it is so hot and there are so many things going on but I never know what to wear.  Both summer and winter clothes look wrong.  This afternoon we are going to a tea and I'm going to wear a nylon summer dress.  Last night we went to a dinner with Sorensens and then to a reception at school.  It was ladies night at one of the men's clubs and they invited us to go with them.  There was a program after we ate so we got out of the place just barely in time to get to school for the reception.  It was for all the students.  Phyllis is eating suppers with us now so she was here with the children and put them to bed.  It was the first time anyone but B or I had put Ann to bed and we wondered how it would work.  She and Bob were good as gold.  Ann was so happy to see Phyllis when she came back to school that she hugged her and hugged her and wanted her to stay all night with us.

It took me two days to press our fall clothes and then it turned too hot to wear them.  Phyllis didn't have much to do at school this week so she cleaned the bathroom for me.  The house is clean enough now that I can do one thing at a time and not have things in a big mess.

We did get to Sunday School and the children had a good time.  When church time came Ann insisted upon going upstairs with us so we took her.  Five minutes of being quiet was all she could take.  She started talking and singing so I had to bring her home.  Bobby was having a good time in the "nursery" and was disgusted because I had to bring them home.

Ann seems to think school is wonderful.  Bob and Lynn go in the morning from 9 - 11:30 then Ann & David go back with them from 1:15 - 2:45.  They all look so sweet going up the sidewalk.  B took pictures the first day of school so we can send you some when they are finished.  Bob seems to like school too but he is awfully tired by bedtime.  Maybe he'll get over that when he gets used to school for the last few days have been quite exciting.

I haven't had a Good Housekeeping yet and haven't heard from them.  Maybe I'll get a card soon.  I still don't have much time to read anyway so there's no hurry.

Your letter was so late this week I was beginning to wonder about you.  It seems that sometimes I just can't get one written.  I've worked on this one half of the day because people have been in and out and I've had to stop so often but B is going to mail it so bye for now."

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  The school schedule allowed all of us to come home for lunch, a tradition that would continue at our house through high school.


  1. I loved school too Ann. Gosh it seems such a long time ago now :-)

  2. It seems like a long time ago because it was a long time ago:-) Wouldn't it be fun to go back for just one favorite day of elementary school!


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