Wednesday, April 24, 2013

October 30, 1954 Halloween and a Real Humdinger, Talking Around Japanese Things and Playing House

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Our doorbell has been ringing & ringing tonight.  The kids are all out for their Halloween tricks or treats.  Most of the rooms at school had parties this afternoon.  Bob dressed up in his cowboy outfit and a mask for school.  Toni and I took the refreshments of cupcakes and orange Kool-ade.  She made chocolate cupcakes and put orange frosting on them.  Then she made a face on them with chocolate icing.  They were real cute.  I was supposed to help her but got in so many other things that she did it all.  Ann's room had refreshments but they didn't dress up.

This week has been a real humdinger.  There has been so much going on that there wasn't time for sleep hardly.  B gave a talk Tuesday afternoon.  I spent Wednesday cooking stuff to send to the annual school supper on Thursday.  I had to help serve there and then went on to a club meeting and gave a talk.  I was so tired after helping at school that I was ready for bed but had promised to speak.  I took some of our Japanese things to show and talked around them.  It went fine but is much easier to talk with pictures.  We are going to Sorensen's for supper tomorrow night.  B has been asked to speak at our church on Sunday night but we are hoping they will find someone else this time.  He had promised to speak after Christmas but may have to do it Sunday.  I think I'll stay at home if he does have to speak for we've been out too much lately.

It is real cold tonight and snowed off and on all day long.

B finished a few pictures this week.  David & Bill look like twins, don't they?  Ann and David are playing like Bill is their baby and they are feeding him."

             Lots of love to you both,


NOTE:  Bonnie's most typical presentations on Japan included either common home-life items as pictured above, or objects related to arts and crafts such as silks, pottery, paintings, etc.


  1. Such beautiful memorabilia Ann. Where do you keep it all? Do you use some of the items? Love the baseball player on the chopsticks holder :-)

  2. Thank you, Merryl! For the most part the items are small and don't take up much space and we use most everything that fits or that is functional. I collect kokeshi dolls, but they are very small--some fit in a teaspoon.


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