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October 16, 1954 The Peculiar Day, The Good Teachers, The Cranberry Salad and Too Busy to Think Straight

The favorite; Autumn Cranberry/Pineapple Salad with Cream Cheese

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I probably won't get very far with this for it is almost time for the children to come home.  The two hours they're gone are certainly short ones but I really enjoy having the time alone.

This has been a peculiar day.  It has rained hard several times, is cold and now the sun is shining.

Bob had to have a new school jacket and I guess we got it just in time for the cold weather.  I went to his school room yesterday for a meeting with his teacher and the other mothers.  There were pictures and charts about the apple butter all over the place.  I am real pleased with both children's teachers.  The children are so happy about going to school and I think that's a lot for little ones.

Last night was the faculty women's annual supper and get acquainted party.  It was a buffet supper so I was asked to bring a cranberry salad.  It was really a good party and there was a huge crowd.   It seems like we have been too busy to think straight.  B seems to go in a run.  Last night I said I wished we could go back to Japan where things move a little slower.

Yes, we went back to the Unitarian Church.  We never have put our membership there but the people who go there are a nice group.  It is a little inconvenient to have to go into Bloomington but we like the church.

Next week is our university homecoming with parade and everything.  That weekend will really be a big one.  We've had a lot of parades this fall.  All the schools have them and they always pass our house.

I guess Roger is unhappy about having to stay in Japan so long.  He has been disappointed about coming home so many times.  I must write to him but I am so far behind with letters.  Our maid, Teruko-san, will think we have entirely forgotten her.

I did get to wear my brocade dress to the big tea but almost melted.  It has a high neck and the room was packed with people and the day was real warm too.  Other people were too warm too, though so it was o.k.  Summer dresses looked funny.

ISNU's Laboratory Training School, "Old Metcalf"

I didn't get finished.  Bob came in with the remainder of a loaf of bread he'd taken to school and was all excited about school.  He was asked to bring bread, a little girl took butter and they all had toast and apple butter.  Ann came bouncing in with pictures she had painted.

Ann and I went grocery shopping yesterday morning so I didn't get any cleaning done.  I must get busy with it so bye for now."

                   Lots of love,


NOTE:  I just couldn't resist sharing what could be the worst mid-century recipe I've found to date--The Tongue Pinwheel, from The Ladies Home Journal, Sept., 1954.


  1. Oh my goodness I remember tongue from my childhood! My Mum loved getting a tongue (not sure if lamb or beef) from the butcher and cooking it. Mum did slice it and serve it usually on sandwiches to my sister and me but once my sister and I found out what 'tongue' actually was we never ate it again. To this day I have an aversion to tongue and tripe (another one of Mum's fav budget meals).

  2. Haha! Totally agree--tongue or tripe shouldn't be considered food:-) no matter how or where it's prepared!


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