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November 28, 1954 A Really Nice Day, The Levines Come to Visit, Just Say No Again and Three Weeks Till Coming Home

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm sorry I'm late with my letter.  This has been sort of a hectic week.  Our vacation started Wednesday noon and Phyllis's mother came after her.  She has sent me so much meat, chicken and other things that I felt I just had to ask her to eat lunch with us.  So I spent that day cleaning a bit and getting lunch.  She brought me some eggs, some pears and a lovely baking chicken.  So I was glad I had asked her to come for lunch.  She enjoyed herself too.

Thanksgiving day we went to Mildred Wells' and had a wonderful turkey dinner.  It really was a nice day.

Friday I spent the day cleaning and got supper for Toni and her family.  They went to her Dad's and I knew it would be hard to fix supper after she got home.  And today we had friends from Urbana-Champaign for dinner and supper.  They are the ones we met on the way to Japan.  We stayed with them in Tokyo and they stayed with us quite a bit.  We had a good time today and it seems that I haven't done a thing this week but clean and cook.

I have a conference with Bobby's teacher Monday morning.  We have group parent meetings and then separate conferences.

From the Ad Council, Saturday Evening Post, 1954

Another girl and I are hostesses to the wives in the Education department on Thursday night.  Our house is too small so we'll meet at her house but I'll help with the desserts and cleaning up afterwards.

I'm going to start saying "no" on some of these things.  I hope there won't be many more things to be asked to do, though.

I can't find your letter so I don't know whether you asked any questions or not.  It is only about three weeks until we'll be home.  This fall has gone so fast.  The kids are anxious for Christmas to come.  Ann asks every few days if it is Christmas yet.

We have a Thanksgiving service with children and parents tomorrow.  I guess if we go I'd better go to bed or I won't want to get up."

                Love to you both,


Downtown Normal, Illinois, Fall 1954 (Image from The Index)

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