Saturday, April 27, 2013

November 20, 1954 Entertaining a Bunch of Women, The New T.V. and Just Say No

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It looks like it will snow any minute.  It has been nice but I guess it really is time for it to get cold and stay that way.

Wattersons have a new T.V. set and I can hardly keep Bob out of their house.  He gobbles his supper so he can see the next show.  I still don't want one. 

Today is Charlotte's birthday.  I have had so much extra stuff to do that I really forgot it.  I'm ashamed to admit it.

The church bazaar was Wed. and Thurs.  I made a chiffon cake and some candy for them.  They asked me to work but I said, "No".  I hated to not help but simply couldn't.

B was out several nights this week for meetings--gave a talk one night.  We both went to a parents' meeting of the first graders and heard about their library period--what they do, etc.  It was very interesting.  Every day I learn a little more about how much I don't know where kids and schools are concerned.

Edna and I entertained a bunch of faculty women here last night.  She made the dessert and I did the extra cleaning.

I have to take Thanksgiving cookies for Ann's room on Tuesday.  Then I have to help entertain another bunch of women on Dec. 2.  That's the end of my promises, I hope.

I guess I'd better wash the breakfast dishes.  B is going to school and I just heard Bill ask him if he was going to leave without washing the dishes.  He's the funniest kid you ever saw.

I'm going to try to do the fruitcake again this year.  Haven't started it yet but hope to soon.  Hope you are all fine."

                  Lots of love,


 NOTES:  We used to tease Bonnie about going to the liquor store so often around the holidays.  Her response was always the same:  "Oh, it's just for brandy for the fruitcakes."

And for excellent information about the marketing and history of television, use this link:

For Chiffon Cake, Fruit Cake and Christmas Candy recipes:


  1. I love homemade fruitcake. I usually make my own because huz is allergic to mixed peel. Gosh I remember the advent of TV in the mid 50's and in glorious black and white. Stores would put TV's in their windows and have them showing the small number of different channels all the working day. People would inevitably be drawn to them and even the TV Ads and Test Patterns drew large crowds. Gosh now we are spoilt for choice with the plethora of TV Channels available :-)

  2. I would love to see your recipe sometime! Seems to be huge variations among the recipes. Does yours have to age a long time?

    In spite of all the TV channel choices now, I'm not sure TV programming is better now than it was then! I remember watching test patterns very early in the morning before any shows began. I think the first color movie I ever saw on TV was The Wizard of Oz in about '56.


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