Friday, April 26, 2013

November 12, 1954 Cold and Beautiful Weather, Visiting the School and The Promise of Celebration

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This is a beautiful day but it is real cold.  This week has been so warm we didn't need coats so we are spoiled but we went to a school affair last night and I almost froze walking over there.  I am dreading for it to get colder but the children don't seem to mind. 

Our colds are better.  We are still blowing and now I have a hacking cough.  Ann had a little ear infection from the coughing but the Dr. gave her a shot of penicillin and some sulfa and she didn't even have to miss school.

Ann still loves school.  She has learned to whistle.  She had to learn to keep up with David.  She skips real well.  I had a conference with her teacher yesterday and was pleased that Ann is getting along so well.  She has never had an unhappy day.

I also visited Bob's room and watched a reading lesson.  It was interesting too.  He still likes school but gets tired.  They do so much in one day.  He and Ann both are getting plump.  He takes size ten now for his jeans and shirts.

B has been to several meetings this week but I have stayed home trying to get rid of my cold.  Sorensens were here one evening.  A church club met Wednesday night but I didn't feel like going.

I guess it would be useless to ask you two and Beulah and her family to come Thanksgiving.  We don't begin our vacation until Wed. noon so we decided we simply could not come home.  Couldn't you come if the weather stays nice?  It wouldn't hurt any of you to take a few days off.  We'll really celebrate if you'd come."

          Love to all,


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