Friday, April 5, 2013

June 25, 1954 Visiting Ise Shrine and Toba

Diary Entry:  June 25, 1954

"Left very early in cab to train.  To Osaka to get express for Toba.  Got off at wrong station but near one of the Ise shrines.  Went there then got train for Toba. 

Shrines all rebuilt last year (every 20).  Old ones stood by new.  Many people.  Guard.  First time I ever saw a guard at a shrine.

At Toba--short walk from station to ferry.  Short trip to Pearl Island. Small island owned by Mikimoto (pearl king), small admission, park-like with benches, tea room, exhibit hall, salesroom, demonstration of sorting, sizing, etc., small shrine.  2 divers showed how girls used to dive for oysters."

Pearl rafts


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