Thursday, April 4, 2013

June 20 - 23, 1954 The Bike Shop in Kitaguchi, Supper with the Takeuchis and Eiyako-san Adjusts the Kimono

Diary Entry:  June 20, 1954

"Took Bob's bike wheel to Kitaguchi to get tire put on.  Started raining after we got home.  Spent afternoon packing books.  Packed the dolls."

Diary Entry:  June 21, 1954

"Spent the day packing.  Wonderful day so children out all day.  After they were asleep we went to Takeuchi's home in Kotoen for supper.  Had a Japanese-Western meal--creamed meat (may have been eel), peas & carrots served on a shell, Osushi (3 kinds), pickles & cucumbers, sliced tomato on lettuce & then sliced bananas & strawberries in wine, cookies & tea.  Nice visit afterwards."

Diary Entry:  June 22, 1954

"Rain all day.  Packed more.  B met school man in Osaka for a visit.  Took my kimono to Teele's for their maid (Eiyako-san) to adjust length."

Diary Entry:  June 23, 1954

"Another rainy day.  Jane Teele & I walked to Nigawa to pay for our Ikebana lessons.  Stopped at Teele's to fit kimono.  Very nice.  After lunch went to Kobe to add to gift list.  Bob stayed to play with Teele children."

NOTE:  Pictured above, a group of folding screens.


  1. I do like the 3rd screen from the top. How high are the screens Ann? Beautiful things aren't they?

  2. They are miniatures! Each is about 6" tall and 13" wide when open. Growing up we had 1 full size screen but unfortunately it is long gone...much too delicate for an active household, but at one time very beautiful. Thanks so much!


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