Tuesday, April 2, 2013

June 17 - 19, 1954 Nijo Castle and Kiyomiza Temple

Diary Entry:  June 17, 1954

"Sun shining so packed lunch & went to Kyoto sight seeing.  Took a long time at Nijo Castle-summer home of feudal lord.  Last of Shogun.  Emporer Meiji used it as a summer palace but was given to city of Kyoto in 1939.  Huge tatami rooms, lovely paintings & carvings of cypress.  Squeaking floor called nightingale floor but was for protection. Gold decorations covered huge nails.  Hinges gold.  Sliding doors of cedar.

Went to silk sales.  Children played in gardens & then to Kiyomiza Temple.

High over city.  Teapot hill very interesting.  Gardener climbing trees to cut down caterpillars." 

Diary Entry:  June 18, 1954

"Supposed to have flower arranging lesson--no one to interpret so I stayed at home.  After lunch B took Bob to Osaka for haircuts.  Ann & I went to Kobe for B's suit & my coat lining.  Hot and tired."

Diary Entry:  June 19, 1954

"Rain.  Worked around house.  Bray children came to play.  Francis Bray came to visit & Mr. Jelliffe came to invite us to go to Kyoto & to dinner in Kobe.  Got a change of sailing date.  Now July 6.  Children went to Bray's to play.  We went with E.S.S. to Inn in Nigawa for sukiyaki party.  Many speeches, lots of sukiyaki & port wine.  Games & then a dark walk home in the rain."   

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