Saturday, April 13, 2013

July 9 - 16, 1954 Sailing but Still Shopping and The Last Diary Entry

Diary Entry:  July 9, 1954

"Went into Tokyo early & to Fulbright house.  Met Kidders there & all went to lunch together as guests of Fulbright.  Shopped in Tokyo all afternoon & got back to ship at 7:00--an hour late but stewards were waiting & gave us our supper." 

Diary Entry:  July 10, 1954

"Mr. Matsuzawa & Mr. Nishimura came out to tell us good-bye.  Hikawa Maru anchored just behind us. 

Went into Yokohama to spend our last yen.  Finally sailed at 6:00 p.m. in the rain." 

Diary Entry:  July 11, 1954

"Smooth day."

Diary Entry:  July 15, 1954

"Cross dateline so we had 2 Thursdays.  Saw whales spouting water at sundown."

Diary Entry:  July 16, 1954

"Bobby lost a tooth--front right upper cuspid.  Eating caramels & out it came without his knowing it." 

NOTE:  Before our final sail out of Yokohama, we would be in 4 ports; Kobe, Nagoya, Shimizu and Tokyo.  Of Japan's 1079 ports, about 125 are designated as major ports with about 25 which have a special designation because of their significance for promotion of foreign trade. About 950 are local ports and 35 additional are designated as ports of refuge for small vessels seeking shelter.  (Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

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