Thursday, April 11, 2013

July 6 - 8, 1954 The Trip to America Begins

From the Children's Transportation Book, 1953

Diary Entry:  July 6, 1954

"Up early--got our baggage off at 7:10--and to McKnight's for breakfast.  Picked up last min. things & visited with Frances Bray & Jane Teele.  B went to Kobe for last minute details.

All to Teele's for lunch.  School car at 2:00.  Teruko-san, Tomoka-san (came from Kyoto)& Yamada-san came in car with us.  Thru customs quickly & on ship.  

Stubbs here with bag of candy.  People came in droves.  Mr. Arai brought bamboo basket, Jelliffes brought books for children.  Yukata (robes) for us.  Students stayed till all gone.

Sang God be with you.  Stewards served iced tea to all our guests.  Lovely dinner.  Then watched loading.

Our room steward was our bath steward on Hikawa.  Happy to see us.  Brays came back to see us leave.  Stewards gave us ribbons.  Brays called good-bye as long as we could hear.  Very dark when we left.  Children so tired, long time to go to sleep."

Diary Entry:  July 7, 1954

"Anchored in Nagoya Harbor because docks were full.  Had lunch on board ship & went ashore in a launch.  Shopped a bit & went to zoo.  Had a good time until school kids swarmed us for autographs.  Took launch back out to ship at 5:00."

Diary Entry:  July 8, 1954

"In Shimizu before we were up.  Loaded & out before breakfast.  In Yokohama before supper.  Had early supper & went window shopping on Motomachi in Yokohama."  

NOTE:  Use this link for information about Japan's National Anthem:

Watch, wait and then read diary pages with friends' good-bye wishes on the video. The on-board diary entries, letter and photos will be posted over the next few days.


  1. Dear Ann, I absolutely love that you included a page-by-page video in this lovely farewell to Japan post. I'm going to rewatch the video right now and pause on each page to make sure I can try and read all the entries.

    You truly share the loveliest pieces of history with us. Thank you.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Thank you, Jessica! I'm a little sad at coming to the end of the journey. Life will not be nearly as exciting when we return to the states!


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